Monday, September 3, 2012

Granny Smith Random Android App Review!

Here is my first Random Android App Review!  Or, RAAR for short.  Not a lot will go into these reviews, other than highlights of the pros and cons and a final recommendation.

So, I was just sitting around the other day thinking to myself about all the videogames I've played in my life.  I've played as, and against, a multitude of characters, from robots to little red birds to zombies to Italian plumbers.  But, as I thought deep and hard, whilst stroking my goatee, I thought to come I never see little old ladies in any of the games I play?  Are they off limits to game developers?  Is there some type of lobby group keeping this group from being portrayed in video games?

And then...voila...Granny Smith, by Mediocre, appears on Google Play.

The story goes as follows:  A thief has stolen an old grandmother’s beloved green apples off her apple tree.  Instead of granny sitting around and enlisting the help of a hero, she puts on her roller skates, grabs her cane and sets off after the thief.  

This platform game is simple. You control granny across each level by jumping and smashing your way through various neighbourhood obstacles in a race to retrieve the three apples left on each level.  The thief is also racing across the levels trying to get the apples before you do.

Besides skating, granny can also do simple jumps to full backflips to jump over or through obstacles.  Granny moves automatically, so all you need to do is tap the jump button for a simple jump.  Holding down the button will cause granny to do a backflip.  The key is land granny so that her feet hit the ground first to keep her moving.  Otherwise, landing in any other fashion will make granny crash and lose valuable time in the race against the thief, or cause you to start the level over again (read Epic Fail!).  Granny can also use her cane to hang and slide down telephone wires or railings.     

This is a casual game much like Ski Safari or Angry Birds and you can jump in and out at any time. Levels are simple enough at first.  Most levels can be completed in a turn or two.  In later stages it may take a few tries to complete a level, but getting all three apples can be a bit of a challenge.  

I love the visuals of Granny Smith.  They are cartoony and hand crafted (according to the developer) which makes watching granny crash through windows and brick walls even more amusing.  The physics, although not perfect, are good.  

Finally, what would a platform game be without power-ups?  You can buy (through coins attained in the levels) helmets, baseball balls and banana skins all in an effort to thwart the thief.  

I am running Granny Smith on my Samsung Galaxy SIII and it is quite the game to behold, although there is a bit of (frustrating) lag here and there, but not enough for me not to recommend this game.

Granny Smith can be had for a mere $0.99 from Google Play and it's well worth the money.  I recommend this game and give it 4 out of 5.  

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