Saturday, January 19, 2013

Android Game Review: Lode Runner Classic

Lode Runner Classic

Okay all you millenials, time to be schooled on videogame classics.  And, we're going way, waaay back to the early eighties and a classic little game called Lode Runner!  Lode Runner was originally released in 1983 (!) by Broderbund for the Apple II and Commodore 64.  I played played this game for hours on my 64.  It was one of two games I played extensively in the mid-eighties, the other being Jumpman (which I will absolutely freak out on if it's released for Android devices!...hint...hint...)

The game is rather simple, collect the gold and get out.  Each level comprises of some bad guys, diggable or undiggable ground, ladders and over-head ropes.  Simple enough.  Except, on some levels you must figure out how to dig through the ground to get the buried gold and then get out.  Once you dig a hole, it fills back in and stops your progress or kills you (bad guys just respawn).

The visuals are very basic as you can see from the screenshots, but are pretty much exactly the same as the original version.

The D-Pad controls, which take up a lot of screen real estate as you can see by the picture, are rather easy to use and you don't have to look around your fingers to see the screen.  Other control options include touch screen (typical to most games) and accelerometer controls.

The game, by Tozai  Games, is rather high at $2.99, but you get 150 levels, two game modes- expedition and time attack - a magnification effect that zooms in on the runner, multiple speeds, a slew of settings and more.  I recommend the game completely, especially for you nostalgic buffs.  I did not hesitate to get the game, due to nostalgic reasons, but if you don't know the game and are not a fan of 8-bit games, then you may want to pass until the prices comes down.

TWiNE SCoRE: 8/10

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